PASSPORT: Eastern Europe 3-pk

PASSPORT: Eastern Europe 3-pk

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When thinking European vacation, your mind is probably on Grand Tour-worthy stops (you know, the Paris/Rome/Madrid circuit).  Or Chevy Chase and the classic 80's film that never gets old. We're guessing that the Eastern European nations of Hungary and Slovenia are not top of mind.  But these places have some pretty cool stuff, like romantic architecture, picture-postcard scenery, cozy villages and an abundance of thermal baths, not to mention world-class wine at a relative bargain.  So use your Summer 2020 staycation to explore these off-the-radar countries through their wine, much of which is on the natty track and an incredibly good value.  Homework: get this 4-pack of unique wines from Hungary and Slovenia, which includes two light reds and a killer white, crisp and flinty from extreme volcanic soils, and drink your way through the bucolic Eastern European countryside.


*NOTE: bottles pictured are NOT guaranteed to be the ones you get.  These are tiny production wines and often allocated so we're constantly selling through and rotating the selection. 

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