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There are some world regions where a perfect storm has created conditions ripe for natural wine, with excellent raw material (in the form of soil and weather), wide open, inexpensive land for the grabbing, a winemaking tradition and a younger generation that has embraced it (and often, improved upon older practices). Abruzzo, Italy is one such place.  Due East from Rome, Abruzzo is a geographically diverse region that includes some of the highest mountains in Europe as well as a large swath of the Adriatic coast.  You've also probably never heard of Abruzzo, because most travelers have yet to discover it (and why prices here are still low).  But if you're into natural wine, you need to know wines from Abruzzo, because there is a crazy concentration of excellent and great value natty wine to be found here.  Start your exploration of Abruzzese wine with this 3 pack of our favorite bottles.


*NOTE: bottles pictured are NOT guaranteed to be the ones you get.  These are tiny production wines and often allocated so we're constantly selling through and rotating the selection.  Any subs will be of equal or greater value.

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