Best of Natural Wine: Classic!

Best of Natural Wine: Classic!

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For the wine collector who seeks out organic, biodynamic versions of the classics.  Enjoy (or stash in the cellar) some of the best examples of the range of classic wine styles made naturally, including Biodynamic, zero-zero Champagne and Loire bubbles that drink like Champagne, Cali Zin, Chardonnay and Pinot done right, and one stunning, creamy French white.  The Collecter set includes these 6 bottles:

MV Champagne Vincent Couche 'Eclipsia' Brut
2020 Roc des Anges Llum Blanc
Chateau de Lavernette Brut Nature Blanc de Noirs Granit Réserve

2019 Samuel Louis Smith Pinot Noir
2019 Source + Sink Kimberly Vineyard Zinfandel
2021 Ardure Chardonnay, Battaglini Vineyard, Russian River Valley (Stockinger Series)

Note: no subs or preferences can be accommodated here.

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