Best of Natural Wine: Adventurous!

Best of Natural Wine: Adventurous!

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For the natural wine enthusiast on your list.  A 6-pack of the best examples of the range of natural wine styles, from Georgian Pet-Nat to different shades of orange wine from New Zealand and Austria, to two takes on Gamay, the ultimate chillable red.  And the icing on the cake - Frank Cornelissen's Susu Rosato, perhaps the most allocated, coveted wine of them all!  The Adventurer set includes these bottles:

2021 Kobatl Flower Power
2020 Baptiste Nayrand Toit du Monde Rouge
2021 The Hermit Ram Amphora Salty White
2020 David Large 'Gamayhameha'
2021 Frank Cornelissen Etna Rosato Susucaru
2020 Kidev Erti Chinuri PetNat

Note: no subs or preferences can be accommodated here.

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