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2018 Companion Wine Co. Malvasia 2-pk

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Region: North Coast < California
Grapes: Malvasia
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming, volcanic sediment and alluvium soils, fermented in concrete egg, 11.5%
Winemaker: Scott Schultz

Delicious natural wine, from organic farming, in a can? Yes, it's a thing now! Here’s one of our favorite natty cans to stash alongside snacks for adventures at the beach, the river, the park, on horseback, under the freeway, and pretty much any other outdoor recreational spots where no bottles should go (coozie optional). A full 375mL of wine (1/2 bottle) in each can to keep you happy and hydrated wherever your outdoor journeys take you.  

This Malvasia from Scott Schultz of Jolie-Laide fame is bright, orange peely, and tastes like unsweetened, dried stone fruits. From a single vineyard on the southern end of the Vaca Mountain range, the volcanic soils lend to the minerality of this killer white, and the vines are trained high so the wild boar in the vineyards don’t eat the grapes!  One of the best local Malvasia we’ve had, in any kind of vehicle, but especially awesome that this beautiful, varietally correct Malvasia comes in packaged in the green and convenient can!

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