New Rock Juice Offering!

Explore the myriad rabbit holes of natural wine with our new limited-edition Mood series, coming soon.

You’ve experienced Rock Juice ‘curated for you’ selections, our discovery series, and now we’re so excited to bring you a smaller, higher end offering that drills down on a specific style. We call it ‘curated for a mood’. 

Because there is not just one style of natural wine -- it’s a broad category, united only by what goes on behind the scenes – how the grapes are grown, how the wine is made, what is or isn’t added. But the flavor profile can vary wildly, from clean and classic to boundary pushing, with everything (and every color) in between.

Take a deep dive into the different styles with the new Rock Juice Mood board, available as a subscription or one-time purchase. And because our moods change throughout the year, so too will the mood board, offering endless opportunities for exploration and finding your true palate.

You’ll get access to the tiny production, super allocated bottles that are impossible to get your hands on, but truly represent the best of the best in each category.
But each mood selection is extremely limited, just 36 sets available. That’s how limited these bottles are.

Sign up now for first access and come down the rabbit hole with us.

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