Josh Rosebrook x Rock Juice Giveaway

Josh Rosebrook and Rock Juice unite to share in a love of nature-driven beauty + wine.  

Josh Rosebrook believes that the foundation of great skin and hair is a vital, healthy body. He believes the best way to achieve this is through the pure, regenerative power of nature’s plants and herb extracts. He’s created a unique line of scientifically-proven luxury skin, hair and scalp solutions using the greatest lab ever: Mother Nature. Truly beautiful skin, scalp, and hair begins not only with Josh Rosebrook's professional, high-quality, efficacious products that support and protect healthy function and structure, but also a deep focus on whole body-mind balance. 

Rock Juice offers a natural wine discovery service and online bottle shop, guiding clients through a new wine drinking experience with better-for-you bottles, fresher, brighter flavors, and full transparency about what's in the glass.  They filter exclusively for wine made from grapes farmed organically or biodynamically, fermented with their native yeasts, and made without additives, with little to no added sulfur.  Because much of the conventional wine on the market is made from chemically-sprayed grapes, inoculated with cultured (and often, genetically-modified) yeasts, treated with up to 75 additives and doused with unknown (high) levels of sulfur - there is no labeling requirement for wine, so you have no idea what's actually in there.  Rock Juice believes that responsible, chemical-free farming is the most important aspect of natural wine - for the planet, and for our health.

 It's an honor to touch a new community of people with the same desire for transparency and ethics when it comes to our beauty products and wine - we hope you’ll share the love with your tribe.

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