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2021 De La Soif 'La Soif' Red

2021 De La Soif 'La Soif' Red

Region:  Barison Vineyard < Tehama Valley < California

Grapes: 50% Carignan / 50% Barbera

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organically farmed (uncertified); 1/2 whole cluster carbonic maceration, With Barbera pressed and floated on top to ferment; aged 7 months in barrel, 20ppm S02 added once before bottling, 11.3% ABV

Winemaker: Dan Schaaf + Kayne Guzowski 

Fun new Napa project from our buddy Kayne Guzowski of Merchants of Thirst (importer) and Dan Schaaf from Deux Punx!

Kayne tells us: "Good land and good farming practices are essential to making good juice. That’s why we are SO excited about this Barison Vineyard red. This hillside vineyard is made of super mineral-laden red volcanic soil and gravel, which is essential to drainage. Cattle and chickens roam freely in this regenerative farm, acting both as pest control and fertilizer for both the vines and the plant cover crops."

In the cellar, this wine is vinified in a super interesting way. The Carignan was left whole cluster at the bottom of the tank to ferment carbonically. This means the grapes were not pressed first. Each grape turns into a small fermentation vessel - intracellularly. Its a winemaking technique used to encourage softer tannins and fruit flavor. Usually, carbon dioxide would be pumped into the tank to create an anaerobic environment. Instead, the Barbera is pressed and floated on top of the whole cluster Carignan, resulting in two fermentations happening simultaneously. How cool is that?

The result? An easy-drinking, fresh, and almost translucent red. Barrel aging rounds out the flavors, bringing everything together.  We love to see an old-school, chemical-free farming practices coexisting with some avant-garde winemaking. Tastes like the future.  And pretty cool when the future tastes like a Jolly Rancher.

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