There is not just one style of natural wine -- it’s a broad category, united only by what goes on behind the scenes – how the grapes are grown, how the wine is made, what is or isn’t added.  But the flavor profile can vary wildly, from clean and classic to boundary pushing, with everything (and every color) in between.   Want to discover your natural wine palate and stock up on everyday drinkers? Our Natural Wine Club is for you! Already know what you like and want more of that?  Check out our Bottle Shop! Our wine club is easy, flexible and fun -- you can skip, pause or cancel anytime. And every wine we send you meets our strict standards while also being clean and delicious, along with the stories and tasting notes that bring each wine to life. Bonus: you also get a 10% discount on all wine reorders.

Natural Wine Club- Curated for You

Our original subscription program delivering a selection of excellent, off-the-beaten path-wines chosen for YOU based on the input you share with us, Curated for You offers an affordable way to explore your natural wine palate and keep a steady supply of your style of sommelier-selected everyday drinkers on hand.  Unlike other wine clubs, where everyone gets the same selection of bottles, each Rock Juice mix is unique for the client.  Because we believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to wine.

You Get:
Six, twelve, or twenty-four wines, matched by a real sommelier (and not a computer) to your preferences, and delivered to your door either bi-monthly or quarterly.  

How the Club Works:

Your shipments are charged on the 1st of the shipment month, and wines ship out around the 5th of the shipment month. If you join mid-cycle, you'll get the current wine mix ASAP and start bi-monthly shipments with the next cycle.  The shipment months are February, April, June, September, and November, plus an optional, uncurated summer shipment.
Your wines ship safely and compliantly via UPS, FedEx, or GSO.

Please Note:

If you need to skip a shipment, this must be done on the customer portal or by e-mailing us by the 15th of the month before (ex. pause by March 15 for April delivery)We cannot make shipping changes after the 1st of the shipment month, as the delivery machine is already underway.
Email for more info!

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