MV Lo-Fi Quadraphonic

MV Lo-Fi Quadraphonic

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Region: Santa Barbara County < CA

Grapes: Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Gamay Noir + Chardonnay

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: organic farming; unsulfured; some direct press,
some carbonic maceration, aged in older 600-liter neutral barrels,
then bottled by gravity; unfined/unfiltered; 20 cases made; 12.5% ABV

Winemaker: Mike Roth

Lo-fi is a funky small label from our friends Mike Roth (formerly
Martian Ranch Vineyards winemaker) and his college friend Craig
Winchester in SB county.  Their focus is on freshness, delicacy, lower
alcohol levels, and the honesty of vintage variation. Mike says,
“Lo-Fi is less about what it is and more about what it is not. It is
not over manipulated. It is not over extracted. It is not over ripe
and it is not over-priced. Less is more.” Love these guys!  You would
too, so if you're ever driving down the 101, pull over in the cutest
little foodie town of Los Alamos and visit them in their tasting room
right on the main strip.  In the meantime, meet your new favorite
everyday red.  It's a multi-vintage hodge-podge they started making in
2017 with the leftovers from that vintage, that turned out
surprisingly delicious, and was so popular that they did it again.
Mike describes this year's rendition as follows: "All the leftovers
mixed into one funky blend.  Old and musty… Young and tart…. It’s got
it all.  In a word… its: Umeboshi, Japanese pickled plums!"

Cryptic, yes, but these are words from a man who named his home
vineyard Clos Mullet, after that (in)famous 80's haircut that is near
and dear to his heart.  We tasted this year's blend on a recent road
trip, and had the guys immediately ship us every available bottle
directly from the winery.  It's that good.  Crunchy cherry berry with
a side of black licorice.  High-toned, red-fruited goodness.  Light
and dangerously drinkable, especially with a chill.  We just wish
there was more to go around, but sadly there were only 20 cases to
start and we're grateful to get the last 3.  Get yours now.

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