2019 Smallfry 'Stella Luna'

2019 Smallfry 'Stella Luna'

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Region: Barossa Valley < Australia

Grapes:  60% Cinsault  40% Shiraz (Syrah)

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Certified biodynamic farming; alluvial soils,
fermented and aged in stainless steel; bottled unfined/unfiltered with
minimal So2; 12% ABV

Winemaker: Suzi Hilder & Wayne Ahrens

Like its name, Smallfry, a partnership between Suzi Hilder and Wayne
Ahrens, is a small fish in the big sea of Aussie wine.  Exactly the
kind of fish we like.  Both viticulturists by training, Suzi and Wayne
were bitten by the winemaking bug and started Smallfry in 2005, always
committed to native yeast ferments, zero to minimal adjustment, old
oak, and a soft hand in the cellar allowing the vineyard to speak.
Their style is food friendly, European-influenced, and restrained.
Wayne and Suzi own and farm this vineyard in Barossa’s Vine Vale
subregion, on the valley floor…and the vines are OLD, some dating back
to the 1850s!

We love the Smallfry restraint and focus on freshness in all the
wines.  In the past we've run from Aussie Shiraz, frightened by the
BIGness of it all - fruit, weight, alcohol.  But here, Shiraz (a cuter
Aussie name for Syrah) meets Cinsault in a pretty purple package that
drinks like glou glou but with a complexity that comes with old vines
and careful farming. It smells foresty, blueberries on a woody herb
background.  It's bright and juicy, energetic and fun, tasting of
blueberries, black plums and black licorice, with more woody herbs and
frolicking acidity that tickles your tongue.  Its a party in a glass
and we can't get enough.


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