Fancy Bubbles 3-pk

Fancy Bubbles 3-pk

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To (mis)quote our favorite Rupert Holmes Pina Colada song, “If you are into yoga, and you are in-to Champagne”—this one’s for you!  Sad fact: most Champagne is far from organic or natural.  The whole notion of a “house style”, where one mixes, matches and manipulates to achieve a consistent taste across vintages, is the antithesis to working naturally.  And they spray the f^*k out of vineyards there, because it the climate is cold, wet and tough to farm.  Thank goodness there are small guys growing organically, eschewing additives and using minimal S02 only at bottling, like our new favorite grower-producer, Chateau Bonnet-Ponson, featured here.  The other great news is that there are Champagne-quality bubbles sporting different names – and lower price tags – because they don’t hail from Champagne, but from other regions.  Like the stunning Demeter-certified biodynamic Cremánt  d'Alsace and Brut Rosé from a fantastic young female producer in Franciacorta (Italy’s answer to Champagne), all featured here alongside our Champagne pick.


*NOTE: bottles pictured are NOT guaranteed to be the ones you get.  These are tiny production wines and often allocated so we're constantly selling through and rotating the selection. 

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