NV Cascina Guido Berta Moscato d'Asti DOCG

NV Cascina Guido Berta Moscato d'Asti DOCG

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Region: Canelli < Piemonte < Italy

Grapes: Moscato

Vineyard/Cellar stats: Organic farming (not yet certified); calcareous
soils; made in the 'Asti Method. As soon as the Muscat grapes are
harvested, they are de-stemmed and pressed, then resulting must is
filtered and kept chilled until required. The wine is created by
fermenting batches of this must in pressurized tanks, often at low
temperatures in order to control fermentation. As yeasts convert the
grape sugars to alcohol, carbon dioxide gas is released as a byproduct
and trapped in the wine, thus creating the sparkle.  When the ABV
reaches around 5% (official regulations state Moscato d'Asti must be
between 4.5 and 6.5 percent alcohol), the wine is filtered again,
killing the yeasts and stopping the fermentation; 5% ABV

Winemaker: Guido Berta

Cascina Guido Berta is a small family-owned and -run Monferrato
estate, producing artisanal, well-priced wines from the classic
varieties in the heart of Piedmont. Guido’s parents chose to return to
an agricultural existence and bought the 25-hectare farm in order to
grow grapes. In 1997, after growing up on the property, Guido took
over direction of the estate, building a new cellar and converting to
organic farming.  Now Guido, who is in the process of organic
certification, is reaping the benefits of natural agriculture in the
vigor of his vines and the lush carpet of fertile grasses and legumes
between rows. While more labor intensive and risk-prone, Guido feels
strongly that the vineyards must be pure, given that he himself is
working in them every day, not to mention his young children.

Sweet, low alcohol and lightly fizzy, with that lovely floral and
lychee flavor of the Moscato grape, this wine smells aromatic and
floral, like orange blossom, and tastes like a perfectly ripe peach,
with the sweetness balanced by the gentle bubbles and refreshing
acidity. This bottle is the real deal--from Asti in Piedmont.  It
makes a perfect pairing with desserts with a floral undertone.

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