2020 Ruth Lewandowski Wines 'Lot 3' MontepulciaNONO, Fox Hill Vineyard

2020 Ruth Lewandowski Wines 'Lot 3' MontepulciaNONO, Fox Hill Vineyard

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Region: Mendocino < California

Grapes: Montepulciano

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming; zero additions, not even SO2; stainless steel ferment and aging; unfined/unfiltered; 12.9% ABV

Winemaker Evan Lewandowski

Oh how we love Evan’s wines – and so do all of you, apparently, as they’re becoming harder and harder to get.  Quick refresher on this label: Utah-boy Evan used to buy fruit from organic vineyards in California and truck the fermenting juice cross country in a refrigerated U-Haul to make the wine in Utah, he has now moved his production to California. So, it’s the same delicious juice with a lower carbon footprint.  Win!

This bright, juicy Montepulciano comes from the Fox Hill Vineyard that Evan farms himself up in Mendocino. Evan explains it best: "What was formerly only destined for kegs and only available at one sick little pizza joint in the Ninth and Ninth neighborhood of Salt Lake City, Utah (Pizza Nono), MontepulciaNONO really is the penultimate pizza companion. Inspired by the carafed table wines on the piazza and the crookedly labeled (or completely unlabeled) bottles brought up from your grandfather’s cellar and poured generously into tumblers, MontepulciaNONO is a compilation of multiple vintages of Fox Hill Montepulciano.

Inky in the glass, it smells dark and stormy, but the palate is surprising light and fresh, with blackberries, spice, brambly herbs and an earthy element.  Concentrated but not at all heavy, NONO has enough zippy acid to keep everything in balance. Very easy to drink, almost too easy, this is the perfect companion for anything red-sauced -- pizza, pasta, meatballs, maybe even tacos.  Super limited production so we got very little.  If you're a Ruth L. fan, grab some now.


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