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2018 Subject to Change SunHawk Farms

2018 Subject to Change SunHawk Farms "Big Sun Energy" Grenache

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Grape: Grenache

Region: Hopland < Mendocino County < CA

Vineyard/cellar stats: Demeter certified biodynamic farming; grapes
undergo 2 weeks of carbonic maceration, are foot crushed and then
spend 6 weeks on their skins; bottled unfined/unfiltered with no added
SO2; 13% ABV; 206 cases

Winemaker: Alex Pomerantz

We've been working with the Cali-natty wines from our friend Alex
Pomerantz since he started Subject to Change a few years ago.  This
vibrant Grenache hails from a biodynamically-farmed vineyard on the
very top of a pretty hill overlooking the town of Hopland in Mendocino
County, where a bunch of grapes grow happily together, as if in a
commune (which is totally appropriate in this super hippie area).  We
always love Alex's talk about his wines.  Here's his take on Big Sun
Energy: "We've been working with this special plot of land since our
first vintage. It is farmed biodynamically by the legendary Manuel
Neunez. He has single handedly transformed this vineyard into the epic
site it is today. The vineyard gets a long day of sun and is very
difficult to farm. The grapes go through 2 weeks of carbonic
maceration, are foot crushed and then spend 6 weeks on their skins.
This wine has balanced acidity with hints of tobacco, and the
experience of warm vine ripened bramble berries popped into your mouth
in the moment after being plucked from the vine. You can taste the
time spent under those strong rays of sun. Cracked pepper and
eucalyptus add delightful savory notes."

Our take: this wine is alive and full of energy, as the name implies.
Juicy, with generous red fruit, pops of tart pomegranate, plush
tannins, cinnamon spice, and a faint smokiness, this is a sexy wine
that stands alone, with a chill, or works with just about any food on
the fall table.  While she's zero zero and as natural as they come,
there's no funk or barnyard here, making this an excellent natural
wine for newbies or one to share with the folks this holiday season.

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