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'Massimago 'Zurlie' Petnat Rosé BIO 500ml

'Massimago 'Zurlie' Petnat Rosé BIO 500ml

Region: Valpolicella < Veneto < Italy

Grapes: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella

Vineyard/cellar Stats: Certified organic farming; soils are limestone mixed with marly clay; early pick for acidity; after a few hours of maceration, grapes are pressed to obtain a pale pink must, which is then cold fermented for a week. Made in the Col Fondo style with second fermentation in bottle, spent yeast remaining in bottle (undisgorged), natural bubbles formed from the Co2 produced by the yeast activity, bottled under crown cap; 11% ABV; 650 cases

Winemaker: Camilla Rossi Chauvenet  

Located in Veneto's Val di Mezzane valley near Verona, the certified organic Massimago estate (name translates from Latin as 'maximum benefit') is managed by another lady boss, Camilla Rossi Chauvenet.  Started in 1883, Massimago is an OG Valpolicella producer, but it wasn't until 2003 when Camilla Rossi Chauvenet took over in 2003 that things took the more natural, sustainable path. She converted to organic farming in 2008 (certified since 2014), added solar panels for electricity, and implemented Japanese-inspired Fruttaio wind technology for aging grapes on the vines, while also harnessing (and protecting) the natural biodiversity of the neighboring forest.  The valley was originally completely submerged by the sea, so the soils are full of the calcified marine fossils that give such mineral complexity to wine.  

And Camilla is making modern, enegetic wines in a fairly stodgy region.  She was the first in Valpolicella to make sparkling wine with Corvina in this 'col fondo' style -- because she's young and loves pet-nat.  In fact, she says that "The Timeless man on the label solidifies my passion for this Pet Nat", and even encourages you to "rotate this unfiltered wine several times in the bottle to enhance the experience of this elegant natural wine".  The Italians know that the spent lees at the bottom of an undisgorged bottle are the good bits, adding depth of flavor.  Bottled in a super portable (and dangerously easy to finish) 500 mL format, this cloudy, fizzy rosé is refreshing and fun to drink, with salty melon, tart rose hips, and lovely minerality.  Clean and easy, for all kinds of bubbles fans, not just the advanced.

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