'Clean Champers Duo' 2-pack wine collection

Clean Champers Duo

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To (mis)quote our favorite Rupert Holmes Pina Colada song, “If you are into yoga, and you are in-to Champagne”—this one’s for you! Sad fact: most Champagne is far from organic or natural. The whole notion of a “house style”, where one mixes, matches and manipulates to achieve a consistent taste across vintages, is the antithesis to working naturally. And they spray the f^*k out of vineyards there, because it the climate is cold, wet and tough to farm. Thank goodness there are small grower-producers growing organically and biodynamically, eschewing additives and using minimal S02 only at bottling. Like these two guys, one certified organic, one biodynamic. One Blanc de Blanc, one Brut Rose de Meunier. Both freaking delicious. We’re offering this special 2-pack at a silly price (do the math).  Because we LOVE Champagne and want you to get to know the good stuff!  Treat yourself. 
  • NV Laherte Freres Champagne Extra Brut Rose de Meunier (regular price $55)
  • 2013 Champagne Vincent Charlot ‘Le Fruit de ma Passion’ Extra Brut (regular price $60)