2021 Vini Cali Controcorrente 'Preliminare' Pet-Nat

2021 Vini Cali Controcorrente 'Preliminare' Pet-Nat

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Region: Linguaglossa < Mt. Etna < Sicily < Italy
Grapes: Nerello mascalese 
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming, mineral rich volcanic soil; grapes are destemmed, pressed and fermented without temperature control; After destemming and crushing, the must and skins were in contact for a couple of hours before a very soft pressing.  Fermentation started spontaneously in steel. The wine is refermented with must from a mid-October harvest then bottled with a second fermentation completed in the bottle.  No clarification, filtration, correction or disgorgement was carried out during the process.  No added sulphites: zero-zero; 12.5% ABV

Vini Calì is a tiny producer of artisanal, natural wines on Etna.  They farm 3ha of vines and 1ha of olive groves, all organically, and call their wines 'Controcorrente' which translates as 'counter current' or against the tide -- essentially wines that don't follow any rules but march to the beat of their own drummers.  Family owned + operated, as they say, "with the occasional disagreement, always resolved at the table with a bottle of wine".   Their wines are unique, not big and powerful and striving for scores, a scale that feels natural for them because their style "brings us back with its smells and flavors to that which our grandfather produced many years ago - we produce convivial wines, to drink together with the people you love!"   And they proudly use 100% plastic-free packaging!
We love this honest philosophy and integrity, and we super love the volcano juice from Etna, a region we consider one of most interesting in Italy.  The terroir is unparalleled -- I mean, it's an active volcano that is also the tallest mountain in Italy south of the Alps.  The steep terraced vineyards, with chunky black volcanic soils, crawl along the broken surface of the volcano and are sometimes wiped out by an active lava flow.  The weather can go from rainy to sunny or even both at once in the distance of a kilometer.  Sicily is just off the coast of Africa, so summers are long and warm, but up on Etna vineyard temperatures can swing by 25 degrees Celsius between day and night.  Warm salty humid air blows off the Ionian sea and runs smack into cold air cascading down from Etna's almost 11,000 ft peak.    A result of that crazy terroir/weather and Etna's heritage of 'contadino' (grower/farmer) farming means plots are tiny, everything is done by hand, and production is naturally small-scale.

They call this pretty pink fizz “Preliminare” because it's meant to be the starter, to enjoy before a meal, for apertivo time, or any time of day that some bubbles are called for. It's easy, light, juicy, delicious, with soft peach and cherry fruit and a lovely grapefruit and salty kiss on the finish.  STAFF FAVE

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