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2021 Millami 'Layla'

2021 Millami 'Layla'

Region: Marsala < Sicily > Italy

Grapes: Inzolia

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Certified organic/biodynamic farming, clay + limestone soils, fermented in stainless steel, skin maceration; 12.5% ABV

Winemaker: Fabio Diego Morsello Angileri

The story of this small Sicilian family estate begins in 2017, when Fabio Diego Morsello Angileri finished his studies in enology in Alba and worked with wineries in Italy and France before deciding to take over the family business that started in the 1950's.  Today Fabio farms 2 hectares of vineyards (with olive and fruit trees) around the Marsala area, using only traditional methods, no weeding or synthetic products in the vineyards, no chemicals, filtering or fining in the cellar.  He just rebuilt the family cellar within the ancient walls of the original cellar. Fabio says, "My grandfather Diego made wine within these same walls for more than 40 years until the end of the 1990s. It is a cellar with a typical structure of the Marsalese countryside, surrounded by the olive grove and the typical family garden (mandarin oranges, figs, prickly pears, local pears, pomegranates...). There is no shortage of bees and therefore orange blossom honey. The small family lake and the free-range hens for the production of organic eggs complete everything."  Wine production begins in 2021, and so far he's just making two labels: Layla and Il Folle, a gorgeous pair that pays homage to the secret love between the two protagonists of the literary short story LAYLA AND MAJNÛN - also known as LAYLA E IL FOLLE.

'Layla' is Fabio's skin-macerated Inzolia, which is proudly orange and looks like cloudy Tang in the glass.  But the nose -- exotic and mesmerizing, lime blossom, peach and spices (cinnamon + cardamom) -- transports you to a Moroccan bazaar.  It tastes equally glamorous, with more of those ripe peaches, citrus, flowers and exotic spices, on a crisp, dry palate.  Despite the deep orange hue, the tannins are friendly and add a lovely texture to the wine.  Drink chilled but not icy cold, and pair with sushi, cheese or Moroccan food.
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