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2020 Solo Buon Vino Garbino Rosato Pet-Nat

2020 Solo Buon Vino Garbino Rosato Pet-Nat

Region:  Pesaro < Marche < Italy
Grape: Sangiovese
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic/biodynamic farming, limestone soils, made in the ancestrale method with refermentation in the bottle, crown capped, undisgorged with zero added SO2; 11.8% ABV
Winemaker: Claudio Tornati

Founded in 2020 by a fun-loving gang of misfits, Agricola SBV produces artisanal wines that are a true reflection of the unique terroir. Nestled amidst a breathtaking forest, Agricola SBV manages over 3 hectares of pristine land, including 300 olive trees and 7 hectares of organic vineyards. We love their manifesto: "We reject standardized and conventional tastes that are created using industrial techniques,
choosing instead to create nonconformist wines that embody the truest and most authentic nature of the grape variety and the terroir. And we're not interested in conforming to consumerism or fashion - but believe in creating wines that break the mold".  They use nothing but minimal quantities of copper and sulfur in the vineyard (in much lower quantities than allowed in organics). They use biodynamic essential
oils to protect the vineyard from disease and work as much as possible by hand. They do not fertilize; the only organic substance that nourishes their land comes from the cutting of wild herbs and vine prunings.  But Agricola SBV is more than just a vineyard - it's a natty wine destination in Pescara (the capital of Italy's Marche
region) with a charming wine shop where visitors can sample their own wines and explore over 1500 other natural wine labels.

These guys are on the Adriatic coast in the Marche, a place relatively unknown to foreign tourists but a big wine producing region -- a beautiful and relatively non-touristy place where the sea is framed by the pennine mountain range.  The soils are informed by these mountains made of limestone, and vineyards are cooled and salt sprayed by coastal breezes.  

'Garbino Rosato' is their pet-nat of Sangiovese, refermented in the bottle and bottled under crown cap, trapping the natural fizziness and Sangiovese's vivid cherry fruit.  Coppery pink and lightly bubbly, this tastes like fresh summer peaches, cherries and salt spray, perfect for brunch, poolside sipping or star gazing.  STAFF FAVE
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