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2014 Domaine Giachino ‘Freres Giac’

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Price: $21 

Region: Savoie < France 
Grapes: Gamay, Persan
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Grapes and wine are certified by Ecocert and Nature & Progrès that allows no chemicals at all, practicing biodynamics, moraine, clay and limestone soils, no SO2 added
Winemaker: Frédéric Giachino

A lovely light red from the brothers Giachino, whose Gamay and the local grape Persan grow happily together in organic fields in their pristine, Alpine Savoie region. Somewhere between a Beaujolais and a Jura, this fresh wine is crisp and herbaceous, with a healthy dose of minerality, juicy cherry and a maybe some wild strawberry. And it’s squeaky clean, no funk here, despite being a zero additive wine – no SO2 added at all. Must be all of that fresh mountain air. Or extremely careful, thoughtful winemaking. Whatever it is, this wine has me yodeling like Heidi, with a big goblet of Frere Giac in hand.

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