2020 Kidev Erti Chinuri PetNat

2020 Kidev Erti Chinuri PetNat

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Region: Kakheti < Georgia (the country!)
Grapes: Chinuri
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming, ancestral method, fermented
whole cluster in quevri, then bottled under crown cap without
disgorgement; 12% ABV
Winemaker: Vincent Julien

Killer Pet-Nat from Georgia? Wouldn’t normally go there, but this is
by far the most delicious Georgian fizz we’ve found. So it isn’t
surprising that it is an unlikely pairing of Frenchmen who are making some very unlikely wine. Filmmakers-turned-winemakers Vincent, who now makes the wine, and Guillaume, the artist, met at the Georgia Art Villa Garikula center in Tbilisi, where Guillaume was a visiting artist in residence and Vincent was on site already experimenting making sparkling wines using grapes from the villa.   After much waxing poetic, they decided that their interests matched up enough that they should form a partnership and start a winery.   Lapati was born in 2015 and currently their production is only 300 cases – enough to fill 4 quevri, the clay vessels traditionally used in Georgia to ferment and age wine.  Since the duo arrived in Georgia and began teaching the whole natural wine community how to make pet nats, the ceilings of every marani have significantly more holes and saperavi sediment splatter.

This pet-nat sparkler is 100% Chinuri, a prized local white variety
with abundant aroma and texture. One month in Qvevri - the region's beloved terracotta vessel - lends texture and minerality.  You get flowers and stone fruit plus refreshing citrus on a crisp, round palate with firm acidity and minerality, followed by a touch of yeasty kiss and soft, foamy bubbles.  Sily, elegant and sexy  Team
Zissou-inspired packaging, this one has fun! NYE! written all over it.

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