2020 KC Labs Syrah

2020 KC Labs Syrah

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Region: Mendocino County < California

Grapes: Syrah

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Certified organic farming; Gravelly Loam w/
Sandstone, Shale & Quartz soils; early pick, whole cluster, carbonic
maceration; aged in neutral oak; bottled unfined, unfiltered with
<20ppm added SO2; 12.3% ABV

Winemaker: Sam Baron

Kivelstadt Cellars is an organic Sonoma label from our friend Jordan
Kivelstadt, an awesome young dude who also founded the company
FreeFlow (pioneers of wine on tap).  KC Labs is their experimental
second label, where they play with different fermentation techniques
and vessels.  Like this juicy Syrah from Mendocino County that's way
different from any California Syrah you’ve had before. The grapes are
picked early and the clusters are left intact for fermentation,
creating a bright, low-alcohol wine that reads more like a natty Cru
Beaujolais than the inky, rich Syrahs common in California.

Lean, taut and wildly aromatic, the whole cluster, carbonic maceration
brings out the plush, tutti-fruity red side you never know Syrah had,
which is balanced by an earthy, brambly character that grounds it and
racy acidity, both of which block the sweet fruit palate fatigue you
sometimes get in carbo reds.  Syrah lovers rejoice: this bottle gives
you all of the varietal's best qualities, without any extra flab or
alcohol - at 12% ABV, this is a drink-all-afternoon bottle that'll
take you from BBQ to stargazing, without weighing you down or
destroying your palate.


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