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2016 Sans Rosé of Carignan, Poor Ranch Vineyard

Regular price $10

Price: $10  (375ml can)

Region: Mendocino < California
Grapes: Carignan
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic, dry-farmed 40+ year-old vineyards; x soils; whole cluster pressed into stainless steel tanks; <30ppm added SO2 at canning only; 12.5% ABV; 341 cases made
Winemaker: Gina Schober + Jake Stover

Delicious natural wine in a can? Hell yeah! First time winemakers, the betrothed couple Gina and Jake, both wine industry vets, decided to go with cans for their inaugural project because they love the portability and sustainability of aluminum but could never find quality canned juice. And, as it turns out, the can is showing to be a potentially better package for natural wines. Because you use liquid nitrogen vs. nitrogen gas to maintain the necessary pressure in the can, resulting in zero oxygen interaction with the wine. No headspace or corked wine! Along with no UV penetration or oxygen exchange through a cork. They were able to get a few blocks of pristine Carignan from Mendocino’s renowned Poor Ranch Vineyard to make this delicious rosé. It goes down as easily as soda but is world’s away from a sweet, sappy beverage – bright, zesty and bone-dry, with cherry and rose petal, and a clean acidity to wrap things up. You need these for your summer beach/river/park outings – but beware, each can is half a bottle of wine, and they’re dangerously easy to chug…

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